Outrage. Protest. Wind-down.

[NOTE: This was written on the 20th of April, 2013]

A five-year old girl was raped In Delhi yesterday.

Yes, you read it right! A FIVE year old girl!

“We found a 200ml bottle and two-three pieces of candle inserted into her private parts. This is the first time I have seen such barbarism,” said R.K. Bansal, medical superintendent of Swami Dayanand Hospital. [1]

Father of the 5 year old rape survivor was offered 2000 rupees by police to “keep quiet”. For desi cops R-A-P-E is just another four letter word. Shame in the extreme! This country is going doom-wards!

What happened to this girl is inconceivable, but she is not even close to being the only one. Shudder to think about the unnumbered untold rapes across the country every day that are met with apathetic cops & sissy laws. And the horror of what was done to her is compounded by the fact that she was a child – there is no earthly way in which we can blame her. But for every child that is raped, molested, there are also hundreds of young women like us who are molested, groped, raped, and harassed, and we never hear about them because the second one of their pixel-ated faces come on tv, 80% of the country will sexualize her, fetishise her, moralize about her, and no-one will be able to empathize with her, or offer her anything beyond advice on what she should have done differently. This is why there are laws about anonymity.

A girl liking a Facebook post gets immediate arrest but a gang rape requires “due process”. The law here is a cruel joke. The very fact that we in India call molestation and rape, eve teasing is a clue to what we think of it.The disconnect between the masses and the governing elite is the biggest failure of the Indian democracy. The incongruity between what society preaches & does is glaring.

Candlelight vigils mean nothing if all you want is to hang three people. Right now I feel like we have to hold vigils every day, in what we do and say, for thousands more. Momentary outrage & short lived memory CANNOT catalyse change!

Here are my two cents. I hope I’ve succeeded in lighting up the fire in your heart. Let’s step down from our pedestals, and admit that we are all responsible. Lets take the shame away from them, lets share it, diffuse it, subvert it by being ashamed of ourselves and the culture that we have created. We all sit at home and dream of monsters, but don’t realize that there is always something we can do!


This is the least I can do for my little sister. My thoughts go out to the her and her family. Hope she gets well soon.


“Kaash ye sab ek khwab hi ho, aankh khule toh sab theek hi mile…”


2 comments on “Outrage. Protest. Wind-down.

  1. annetbell says:

    Something has to change this horrible situation! Namaste. . .. Anne

  2. manyironsinthefire says:

    Indeed. we will do what we can.

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