Why Arsenal?

This one goes out to everyone who at some point of time has asked me – “Why do you support Arsenal, they never win anything”.

Most remember why we fell in love with our teams, but for me I do not know how I fell in love with Arsenal for the first time. I do know it was love at first sight and it was because of a guy named Sayan Maitra! O:)

For me, no other team compares and I am sure that goes for every other passionate football fan out there in the world. I am in love with Arsenal’s beautiful passing, the finesse of their game, the highs and lows(Not that much, throws me into depression :|) of their seasons, but most of all the hearts of all the players and fans who each and every day give all their love and support to the game. Loving a team requires more than loving them for winning games and titles. Loving a team requires to love them through ups and downs, winning and losing because as an Arsenal fan this happens to me every season. Like every fan in the world, I know the next season is going to be our season. That season will be the one we break through to win a trophy.

As passionate fans of the game, we have a special relationship with our teams. Like any other relationship that requires love, our hearts have been broken a couple of times in the process. In the end passion and love always win over broken hearts because if you are a real football fan, chances are you feel the exact same way I feel when I see Arsenal play.

“I care so much because Arsenal is the only thing capable of putting that week-long smile on my face” 🙂



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